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Agency Pictures of Sean by David Michael

  • Sean Smith Agency Photo by David Michael
    Agency Photo's of Sean Smith taken by Professional Photographer David Michael DiMartino of Estero, FL for Modeling comp cards and head shots.


  • Carnival Band
    Singing and writing songs is more than just a hobby. I have been singing on and off professionally for over 10 years. I enjoy writing music, and have a few copyrighted songs to my name. For a little thing, my voice has been compared to Janice Joplin, although I can sing just about anything from Sade to Skynard. I am looking forward to getting back into the business, and occassionally can be seen on the stage at Sneaky Petes in Bonita Springs. Enjoy the album!


  • The Beauty in Heaven -
    Zippy is very unique dog, who wants to go head to toe with Sam, the Worlds Ugliest Dog in CA. She has a couple of advantages, she's older, lopsided, and has a monster tongue that hangs out of the side of her mouth! Make sure to read "BRING IT ON" in the August Archives. It's funny! Zippy's picture is on page 104 in the "Bad Dog" comedy paperback book by Workman Publishing, Co., N.Y. that came out this past September available at a Barns and Noble bookstore nearest you. Zippy was the "Grand Champion" of the Ugly Dog Contest last year at the Flamingo Island Flea Market, has 2 other trophies from prior years, and took home the 2nd Place Trophy for the Nov. 2005 Ugly Dog Contest. She had her 15 minutes of fame on the John Walsh Show back in 2002, has been in the local newsprint, and television for the past 10 years. She has sported a "dog thong" for the Chico/Humane Society Fashion show at the Registry Resort, and has had her picture in the Naples Illustrated Magazine. Sam deserves a run for the money, and Zippy says "Bring it on! before my kidney's give out. On a serious note, Zippy is having a lot of trouble lately, and I would love to see her and Sam-the-Man get together before too much times goes by. Lots of Smiles for the two most wonderful creatures of nature and on earth. Where would Susie and I be without them? Kelly A. Smith the owner of the most beautiful dog on this planet! Kelly & Zippy extend a special Thank's to FOX4 NEWS for providing the family with a tape of the coverage of the Ugly Dog Contest that aired at 10:00p.m., and for giving Zippy a once in a lifetime interview:-)))


  • Miss Gigi
    Hello - I'm the "cute" dog in the house. Come see my pictures!


    All contents, material and photographs on ZIPPY - The Dog so Ugly-She's Cute! located at this site and otherwise, belong solely to the owner Kelly A. Smith. Copyright Zippy Creations 2005. All Rights Reserved.


    PeeWee, Son of SAM & Zippy has arrived! Check out his latest pictures and don't forget to Vote him World's Ugliest Dog at this years contest in Sonoma, CA. Vote for PeeWee at


    Dedicated to giving special animals a Forever Home :-)

Sean's New Photo's - May 2006 Portfolio

  • Sean's Cute Smile
    Sean's face loves the camera and so does he. All photo's taken by Kelly A. Smith - All Rights Reserved. Notify Parent/Guardian through this site for inquiries.


  • Sean Patrick
    And you thought I took a lot of pictures of Zippy! Sean is 4 years old and absolutely loves to pose for the camera. Sometimes, in fact, he demands it :-) His best friend is Ryan, and he's gonna break a few hearts when he gets bigger! Sean has a big smile, dimples to die for and very nice chin :-) Contact Parent/Guardian K. Smith through this site for inquiries. Agency card going out shortly. Sean photographs very well and would make a great candidate for any advertising media.


    Zippy - "Grand Dam", Superstar, Showdog, Ugly Dog Winner of the South and Sam's secret girlfriend will be coming out with a line of products so everyone can remember her special zippy personality and that ever-loving huge tongue forever!!! Stay tuned, as products will be posted on this site, and as long as her Mothers slow computer keeps running :-)) Movie Poster Collection is available now. On behalf and in rememberance of Zippy - Love & Kisses - Kelly

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