> Kelly & Sean 2008 - 2009

Sean Field Day March 27 2009
Gigi and Mom
New Years Eve December 31, 2008 with Sean
Sean & Scott's son
Sean at his Field Day - 1st Grade - Dinner later that night and hackysack:-)
Sean on St. Patricks Day 2009
Easter 2009
Sean & Skyler during Easter Break 2009
Kellys Hobby
Sean In February
Seans Birthday 2009
Sean at T-Ball Practice~
Seans Birthday 2009
Sean after T-Ball practice with Sean B.
Seans Birthday 2009
Sean an classmates on Field Day 2009
Sean and friends
Sean and his trophy for T-Ball
Sean Studio Audition in Feb. for Introublezone Commercial
Sean and his trophy
Outback Steakhouse Rescue in June 2009
Outback Kitty4
Sean  on Mother's Day -
Dinosaur Get-Ready ~
Kelly in June 2009
Sean the Hippy
Hippy Sean ~ Groovy Baby!