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Well, where do I begin.

Would it be dancing in diapers, piano lessons at 4, dance classes when I was 3 to break me of my extreme shyness. Guitar lessons at 14, playing flute in the High School band, flagcore in the Marching Band, All State, and Regional Honors choir (which is, the best of the best, in the State High School level). I have been singing since I can remember....... maybe I get that from my mother, who used to sing in high school, play the drums and piano. Or, her Father who played a fiddle in the band on the radio, and her Mother who played piano and tapped danced. Or, could it be, my great grandfather on my Fathers side, from Scotland, who sang on the radio in Georgia. Then again, it could be from my Father, who sang in a local Barbershop Group. In either case, I get it from both sides, I am happy to say.

I am originally from Michigan and grew up in a grounded family that has an artsy background, and a good sence of humor. We had many animals on our mini-farm out on Hewitt Rd, from ducks, chickens, dogs, and cats to a black angus bull, who thought he was the family pet.

I have 2 sisters and a brother. My parent are still "happily" married after all these years and just celebrated their 44th Anniversary!

Everyone knows I'm a packrat, as I save a lot of everything, and I have a "prop" for every occasion. Just ask the dogs and look in my garage! My favorite holiday is Halloween, and if anyone needs a costume, they know just where to go.

I have an intense love for photography and taking video. I'm not in too many pictures or videos, since I'm usually the one behind the lense. I have taken all the pictures of Zippy and my son Sean that you see on the site. I have also done ad layout and design for a couple of newspapers in the past, some side job illustration work, and have a line of cartoon characters, some of which have been published.

I have been writing and creating songs for some time and still need to copyright a few more. I have a natural talent for dance and have won a couple of contests. The bad side, it usually intimidates the men - who can't dance real well or Salsa. Yes, I was even asked by an older Italian gentleman if I was an instructor, and I just smiled:-) Nope, just natural ability, remember I was doing it when I was in diapers :-)

Going though the local court system I have honed my legal skills. My attorney copied my submission almost verbatum in one case, I won pro-se in Fed Bankrupty Court against an individual who owed me money, and even a Judge in a seperate matter had to ask if I had any assistance on my response provided to the courts, in a case where I prevailed. I have a great interest in detective work, and maybe someday I'll take the course to become licensed.

Now getting back to the music -

One group I worked with did all the vocals, and music parts for the local WEVU Television Station. I love recording, studio work, and I also do my own background vocals. I have sang in many different groups ( 2 Piece - Trio - Rock - Latin Salsa - Top 40/Dance ) ranging from 2 to 10 members and have done nearly every forum, from Country Clubs, Festivals, Abate, Private Party's, to Corporate Event and enjoyed them all. I love the live performance. Additionally, I have worked in Music Theater, back in 1983, receiving the Lead part of Ms. Ensign Nellie Forbush in South Pacific, and was the lead understudy and an extra in the Naples Players show Cabaret.

I have had a few years of bad luck, but I think, and I hope, that things are about to change.

I have lived in Florida for about 21 years, own a home by the beach, that I have been remodeling. I can caulk, mud, paint, hang wallpaper, replace flappers, fix a bad trim job, lay tile, grout, install fans, lights, cabinets, sinks, camodes and hook up the plumbing, decorate, rip out tile floors with a jackhammer, and do the same with Pergo, but add a skill saw. I know alot about tools these days, but still the wiring escape me :-) I guess I should take a course in electricity one day. All I want for Christmas is a miter saw, a sander, and a tool belt :-)

I have an F.C.C. 3rd Class radio operators permit which I received in 1981, sent an original Christmas song to the troups in Desert Storm, with one of the ladies at the bank requesting her own copy of it. In 1987 my brother and I won the male-female division of the Great Dock Canoe Race in Naples. I also co-hosted the Charde Brothers Real Estate Review Show back in 1990.

In the last year I have lost a couple of good friends and "Angels" in my book. Cliff, Mittie and Ken. They were all there for me in my down and out times, and are now looking out for me and my little family from up above :-)

One day I would like to record my own cd of originals, finish the house, see Zippy & Sam get together, and find a good person with similar interests to share a cup coffee and a dance with - and more? If anyone would like to listen to my music, which ranges from country, rock, to salsa, just let me know:-)

Now, I must get back to the coffee pot and the house project. Please don't forget to take a look at Zippy's Ugly Dog Gallery of pictures, guaranteed to put a smile on your face:-))))))

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Smiles -

Sean, Zippy & Gigi


I love hairless dogs, photography, dancing, costume parties, singing, traveling, good people, family, humor, coffee, clubs, cooking, creative thinking, art, remodeling, and the occasional visit to the beach.